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Butter, LaLaport Toyosu StoreKoto Ward, Tokyo

A refined lighting plan for a cozy in-store ambience

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  • LED
  • A coordinated warm white lighting scheme helps to create a cozy in-shop setting. The down-lighting is provided by LEDioc LED Downlight.


Installation date

April, 2020

Specializing in pancakes, Butter is a popular shop with an uncompromising dedication towards the process behind what appears on the menu - from the careful selection of ingredients such as butter, flour and cream sourced especially from Hokkaido, through to their preparation and cooking methods. With numerous stores opening across the Kanto and Kansai regions, June 2020 saw a reopening of its store in LaLaport Toyosu following relocation and renovation. Occupying a wonderful seafront location and ideally situated a mere 5 minute train journey away from the Ginza area in the heart of Tokyo, in 2020 the Mitsui Shopping Park, Urban Dock LaLaport Toyosu underwent the largest scale renovation work since its initial opening, and has expanded to become the largest scale shopping facility in the Tokyo bay area. Relocated and opened near the food court on the ground floor of the south port, Butter offers a shop area of 111.58m² and is widely enjoyed by people as a relaxed setting where they can choose from a full and varied cafe style food and drinks menu - including not least of all, their authentic pancakes.

With the aim of creating an atmosphere that feels open and inviting to customers, the shop enjoys a ‘semi-open’ design, giving visibility to the in-shop atmosphere from the outside. In a departure from the white based theme of the shop prior to its relocation, the new design is unified around a calming palette of wooden color tones and mortar based textures, with chandeliers and animal-themed accessories from the previous shop being added to create an even more charming ambience.

Combining with the downlights and spotlights around which the ceiling was customized, the effective implementation of feature lighting chandeliers and indirect lighting has enabled the realization of a lighting scheme designed to blend harmoniously with the interior design scheme; the result is an elegant and relaxed lighting environment, with a cozy setting created thanks to the softness that indirect lighting is able to offer. In the kitchen area, the daylight color of LEDioc MULTILINE is used to provide a sense of freshness. With its open views into the in-shop ambience, the shop is designed to project an open and inviting atmosphere from the outside - the lighting as viewed from the outside has also been planned with due care accordingly, striking an attractive balance between the bright illumination of the facade and the cozy, relaxed atmosphere created inside through warm white lighting.


  • LEDioc LED Downlight

    class350 / Incandescent type - 7

    class100 / Incandescent type - 1

    class150 / Incandescent type - 17

  • LEDioc LED Universal Downlight class200-150 / Incandescent type - 7

  • LEDioc MULTILINE - 7

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