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Patisserie DEL'IMMO LaLaport Toyosu StoreKoto Ward, Tokyo

A lighting plan makes the flavors at a popular patisserie more effectively enticing

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  • LED
  • A view of the store with its wide frontage and open atmosphere as seen from the main passage.


Installation date

March, 2020

DEL'IMMO is a new style of patisserie created based on ingredients fastidiously selected by Chocolatier and Pastry-Chef Kazuaki Eguchi. Mainly based in Tokyo, the hugely popular patisserie has also expanded in various forms to Kyoto, Kobe, and Osaka. In March 2020, the new Patisserie DEL'IMMO LaLaport Toyosu was opened. With a variety of cakes and baked sweets that are perfect for souvenirs, the store is focused on takeout, but it does also have some counter seats where customers can eat and drink in-store. Mitsui Shopping Park Urban Dock LaLaport Toyosu is carrying out the second large-scale refurbishment since it opened for business, opening remodeled and new stores one by one and moving forward with its plans to scale-up to become the largest commercial facility in the Tokyo Bay area with a total of 214 stores.

This is DEL'IMMO's first store to open at LaLaport Toyosu, and features a store area of approximately 50m² in a great location conveniently located right next to the entrance to the South Port food court on the first floor. Given the odd shape dictated by the store's boundaries - a wide front but narrow depth - the design focused on how to more attractively display the showcases lined with cakes and baked sweets while being conscious of product appearance and the lines of customer flow. As a result, given the store's wide frontage, we believe that placing the showcases at the front has enabled the creation of a store space that is easy for customers walking in the main passage to both see and enter. We have created a more appealing effect through the effective use of DEL'IMMO's brand color of green as a key color, as well as the installation of digital signage on the wall above the counter seats to display various products tied to seasons and events using moving images.

The lighting plan uses LEDioc LED Spotlights as base lighting, producing an improved visual environment with a shining brightness and a sense of presence by improving the sense of brightness in the space. LEDioc LED Universal Downlights with high saturation and high color-rendering were used for the lighting illuminating the showcases, making the products more eye-catching with light that enhances their appeal. The LEDioc series has excellent color rendering properties that make fresh cream, chocolate, and fruits such as strawberries look more beautiful and juicy, producing the ultimate effect in terms of shine, three-dimensionality, and deliciousness. We chose warm white, which has both brightness and warmth, as the main color temperature for the light, and in doing so created a comfortable lighting environment with well-balanced lighting.


  • LEDioc LED Spotlight

    Warm White Type - 12

    Incandescent Type - 11

  • LEDioc LED Universal Downlight Class 200-150 (Warm White Type) - 11

  • LEDioc MULTILINE - 4

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