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Boulangerie Bonheur Roppongi Hills North Tower StoreMinato Ward, Tokyo

A branch of a popular bakery shop newly opened in Roppongi Hills is illuminated using LED lighting with high color rendering to create a bright and lively atmosphere.

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  • LED
  • The interior of the store is lined with a wide variety of freshly baked bread and lit using highly color-rendering LED lighting to create a pleasant lighting environment that conveys its flavor.


Installation date

June, 2020

Boulangerie Bonheur, a popular bakery that has stores mainly in Tokyo, opened a new Roppongi Hills store in June 2020 in conjunction with the full refurbishment of Roppongi Hills North Tower B1F. Roppongi Hills North Tower is an office building in a good location directly connected to Roppongi Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, and the recent full refurbishment of its B1F zone has seen the creation of a food area with 6 stores conveniently available for eat-in and take-out dining, and a gift area featuring 12 stores offering a fine selection from a range of limited-edition products. At Boulangerie Bonheur, we are particular about our delicious, freshly baked bread, and even at our Roppongi Hills store, we make our dough from flour in the onsite kitchen before arranging the freshly baked bread on the store shelves.

When designing the store, the focus was on clear lines of flow for the store space, which has an oddly shaped floorspace of 88.66m² (40.66m² for the sales floor, and 48.00m² for the kitchen), upon which a layout was created that involved entrances on both the building-entrance passage and mall sides and kept in mind ease of entrance for customers as well as smooth ingress/egress. The concourse wall in the common area is hand-painted with an original graphic that recreates the unique fun of a bakery by visualizing the bread-making process. In addition, Boulangerie Bonheur's brand identity has been emphasized through effective use of blue, which is the brand color, and everything has been unified with bright tones, with the space creating a balance in its division into two areas: a wooden-textured floorspace providing a gentle impression for the sales floor, and a mortar-type floorspace for the sales counter and register. In the back of the store is an open kitchen fitted with glass, enabling you to see how each item is carefully made by hand.

The lighting plan uses lighting effects that communicate their flavor, with the store interior basically using incandescent-hue lights yet focusing on brightness, light distribution and light color in its choice of COB-type (less shadow-overlap), highly color-rendering LED lighting fixtures. LEDioc LED Downlights that offer improved compactness and power savings have been used for the veil lighting, while LEDioc LED Spotlights with high saturation and high color rendering have been used to provide the light that illuminates the flat tables lined with a wide variety of bread in the center of the store, creating an eye-catching effect and delicious atmosphere. In addition, in order to attract visitors to the store and increase the percentage who enter, the back of the store interior is brightly illuminated with LEDioc LED Universal Downlights to naturally emphasize a welcome feeling alongside a sense of freshness and deliciousness. The store is lined with a wide variety of breads, ranging from authentic French breads to filled and stuffed breads, and full of their fragrant aromas, all the while lit with high-quality light to create a bright and bustling atmosphere.


  • LEDioc LED Downlight

    Class350/Incandescent Type - 5

    Class350/Neutral Type - 8

  • LEDioc LED Universal Downlight

    Class200-150/Incandescent Type - 18

    COB Type/Incandescent Type - 17

  • LEDioc LED Spotlight COB Type/Incandescent Type - 20

  • LEDioc MULTILINE - 7

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