Management Policy

As of July 1, 2021

Management Policy, Business Environment, and Challenges Facing the Company

Forward-looking statements contained in this report are based on the assumptions of the Iwasaki Electric Group as of the end of the current consolidated fiscal year.

Management Policy

The Iwasaki Electric Group upholds the corporate philosophy of “Employing optical technologies to create a comfortable society and sustainable environment” and the management policy to become a “Light & Environment Company” that contributes to energy saving and a safe environment by realizing the full potential of light and maximizing its leading edge optical technologies.

Business Environment

The global and Japanese economies are still subject to uncertainty as it remains unclear when the novel coronavirus pandemic will end. However, we do expect that capital investment, which has been restrained in the current fiscal year in some regions and industries, will rebound and the economy will recover as normal social and economic activities resume.
Under these business conditions, in the Lighting segment, governmental initiatives for energy conservation are expected to accelerate toward the realization of a decarbonized society, which will promote the introduction of LED lighting and stock demand. For the Applied Optics and Environment segment, in the sterilization business, hygiene awareness has increased due to the spread of infectious diseases. In the UV cure business, demand for measures to reduce environmental impacts is expected. We will promote business activities responding to these market environments.

Management Strategy, and Business and Financial Issues to Be Prioritized

The Group's Lighting segment and Applied Optics and Environment segment will deliver products and services with more added value by combining the optical technology cultivated so far with new technologies to create unique products and develop solution businesses, including peripheral businesses.

Lighting Segment

Our business in the Lighting segment will pursue the development of high-value-added products that meet market needs as well as the total solution business including peripheral businesses in the fields of facility lighting and industrial lighting.
The LED lighting equipment business will further enhance the energy-saving performance of LEDs by combining a control system. We believe that we can create comfortable and enjoyable lighting environments by improving the quality of light and designing the color rendition. In product development, we further develop lighting systems with high energy-saving performance and less environmental impact by combining our technologies in light distribution and circuit control with technologies of external parties. We are also focusing on developing high-value-added products, including applications to connect people through lighting.
Moreover, as we have had more natural disasters in recent years, outdoor lighting and facility lighting need to play more diverse roles and meet diverse needs. We will also work on appealing to the market for disaster prevention and mitigation lighting systems so that in the event of a disaster-related power outage we can provide safety and peace of mind through the illumination of roads, sidewalks, shelters, and many other environments.
To respond to these changes in the environment and the diverse needs of the market, we will strengthen our ability to procure equipment and devices. We also promote research and development that can achieve technologies and solutions incorporating related software and new services in addition to the hardware.

Applied Optics and Environment Segment

Our Applied Optics and Environment segment seeks growth in the fields of sterilization, environmental testing, and UV/EB curing by applying the Group's various lighting technologies, such as those related to UV rays and electron beams. In the sterilization domain, it has been confirmed that the ultraviolet light source installed in AIRLIA, our air circulation sterilization unit using UV rays, is highly effective at inactivating the novel coronavirus. We will continue the speedy development of products that combine our highly reliable technology with external technologies to help customers improve the hygienic environment and prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
The environmental testing business strives to maintain and expand sales by developing new test equipment and a light radiation system and strengthening activities in both domestic and international markets. In the UV/EB cure business, we perform R&D and develop specific products for conventional industries and also develop new markets and new applications.
The Applied Optics and Environment segment will follow a medium- to long-term plan, as well as shortterm plans, to pioneer new business domains dedicated to the prevention of global warming and reduction of environmental impact by maximally utilizing the basic lighting technologies of the Group in combination with peripheral technologies.

In promoting the Lighting segment and the Applied Optics and Environment segment, the Iwasaki Electric Group will allocate its management resources intensively to R&D for solution businesses, DX, and reforming the value chain, and strive to provide added value by combining optical technology with new technologies. We will also enhance our corporate value by creating new businesses that will help solve social issues and contribute to sustainability, including the SDGs.

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