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Futaba no Sato "Wasokoya" Eki Kita-Walk 2019Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture

Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples provide magical illuminations for Hiroshima at night

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  • LED
  • The Link-Core IoT lighting control system is used to control the LEDioc FLOOD FULL-COLOR full-color floodlights via a lighting effect program stored in the DMX lighting controller, depicting all of creation using light and sound in response to the clapping and bell sounds made when worshiping.


Installation date

November, 2019(Held period:November 3-November 4)

"Wasokoya" is a night event where illuminations and other events take place at various Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples around Futaba no Sato, which is adjacent to Eki Kita (Hiroshima Station's North Exit), the gateway to Hiroshima. The event started in 2017, and over the two days of November 3 (Sun) and 4 (Mon) in 2019, the citizens, towns, shrines and temples, lighting manufacturers, local government, businesses, and artists, etc. all coordinated to deliver some magical and gorgeous nights in Hiroshima. A fusion of lighting technology from lighting manufacturers with Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, "Wasokoya" is not only an expression of the shrines and temples at night, but also creates scenes that both adults and children can immerse themselves in, and its popularity is increasing year by year. The scale of the illumination event was expanded to 5 shrines and temples from 2018's 4, and it was held together with markets and live music performances by artists active both locally and outside Hiroshima and enjoyed by 10000 people or more.

It was the first time for Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd., to participate in "Wasokoya," which is supported by lighting manufacturers that have sales offices in Hiroshima City, and as a lighting supplier, they were in charge of the illumination of Onaga Tenmangu Shrine. The lighting effects they created produced a mystical experience while maintaining the dignified atmosphere of the historic Onaga Tenmangu Shrine. In addition to its positioning as a subsidy grant project in Hiroshima City, "Wasokoya" has also been selected as tourism material for a destination campaign run by JR West (Setouchi Hiroshima Destination Campaign), and in 2020 the plan is to hold illuminations for 7 shrines and temples all at the same time. Hiroshima City is a beautiful city that has rivers flowing through its center and is surrounded by green mountains and the scenic Seto Inland Sea. Interpreting Hiroshima-style illuminations to mean including light in Hiroshima's historical assets and conveying to many people the deep emotion it carries, we seek to create prosperity for Eki Kita nights and use it as a catalyst for urban development. We would also like to aim for more attractive urban development utilizing light as part of Hiroshima's tourism infrastructure.

About the Onaga Tenmangu Shrine Illumination
Onaga Tenmangu Shrine is a shrine rich in nature where the headwaters of Tenjingawa (the Tenjin River), which is where Tenjingawa Station gets its name from, are located. It is also where Sugawara no Michizane, a famous god of learning and calligraphy, is enshrined as the deity god, and is one of the prominent Tenmangu shrines in Hiroshima. For the illumination of the historic Onaga Tenmangu Shrine, we created lighting effects that produced a mystical experience while maintaining a dignified atmosphere. We depicted the Tenjin River Dragon Waterfall that used to be in the area using impressive beams of light (from a "LAXIS" laser floodlight), and used subtle and profound light to illuminate the main building (worship hall), which has continued to protect this area. The waterfall was depicted by using ultra-narrow-angle sharp trajectories of light (laser light) and illuminating the stone wall in the background with blue light. Also, the legend of Kan Daijin no Mine, which is the origin of Onaga Tenmangu Shrine, mentions a mysterious experience that could only be experienced in that place, so in order to create such an experience, we used the Link-Core IoT lighting control system to create a spectacle representing all of creation, in which the sounds and light-tones on the screen doors of the worship hall changed in response to behaviors of worship, such as clapping and ringing bells.


  • Laser Floodlight LAXIS - 1

  • Special order Blue light Floodlight 65W - 1

  • LEDioc FLOOD FULL-COLOR 80W Type - 2

  • LEDioc FLOOD NEO 30 Class - 6

  • LEDioc LED Lamp Beam Light bulb 14W - 8

  • LEDioc FLOOD NEO BLUE 30 Class - 3

  • LEDioc Moisture-proof type LINE UNIT - 4

  • IoT Lighting Control System Link-Core - 1

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