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Wariiwa Bridge IlluminationHanno City, Saitama Prefecture

Creating fantastic and tasteful nighttime scenery by lighting up a bridge with a theme of "Imaginary landscapes gently lighting the night sky"

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Installation date

April, 2018

Hanno City in Saitama Prefecture is located 50km from the metropolitan center, and despite having great access (40 minutes by train at the fastest), is a city of water and greenery blessed with abundant nature. Located a 15-minute walk from Hanno station on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line, the riverside at Hanno is a popular spot for barbecues, river fun, fishing and day camps, and bustles with a lot of people. Hanno City commenced an illumination of Wariiwa Bridge, which is a symbol of the Hanno River, on Saturday, April 28, 2018. Wariiwa Bridge is only for cyclists and pedestrians, and is a path used by residents who live in the area going about their daily lives.

It also acts as a promenade and access bridge from the station to the Hanno riverside, which is why "Imaginary landscapes gently lighting the night sky" was chosen as the theme for the illumination and two kinds of light-up options prepared aiming for the creation of gentle and relaxing light scenery that would become imaginary landscapes etched in people's minds. The first option is regular lighting for normal hours that is a combination of beauty and function that enables safe passage at night, while the second option uses a special effects program to light up the entire bridge in various colors according to certain time periods. By using an illumination with effects that show not only the bridge but also the surrounding trees as another landscape, some magical light scenery different from that seen during the day has been created. Due to Wariiwa Bridge's fortunate location that affords visitors a walk along the riverside located directly below, the illumination is mainly one taking into account being viewed from a distance, but consideration was also given to having the illumination make the most of its relationship with the river and being looked up at from directly below. There were limitations on which lighting fixtures could be used to light the entire bridge during the illumination effects program with respect to installation locations, because it was necessary to consider factors such as the river rising. For this reason, the entire bridge has been illuminated by installing two high-power 120W type LEDioc FLOOD FULL-COLOR full-color LED floodlights on the left bank after carrying out detailed lighting tests at the site to determine the appropriate light quantity and light distribution. In addition, 80W type LEDioc FLOOD FULL-COLOR lights have been arranged to illuminate the underside of the bridge, creating a lighting effect that takes into account the scenery when looking up at the bridge from the riverside.

Wariiwa Bridge is lit up every day from sunset until 22:00, and the hope is that many people will be able to enjoy its colors of the night that reflect the scenery of each season.



    80W type - 2

    120W type - 2

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