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General prefectural road Minami-Kanon Kanon RouteHiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture

Lighting to provide safety on a key route for an area of progressing new urban developments

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  • LED
  • With the road expanded to a width of 25m and spanning 4 lanes, LEDioc ROAD luminaires are installed along the central reservation of the improved crank section with its gentler curve, efficiently illuminating both sides of the road and producing a lit environment with high levels of uniformity.

  • Mounted at a height of 12m on double arm lighting columns, the road, cycle path and walkway are all brightly illuminated by the LED street luminaire LEDioc ROAD.

  • LEDioc ROAD and LEDioc ROAD S units mounted on "Parent & Child" style lighting columns. With the cycle lane installed between the 4 lane road and the pedestrian walkway, both the convenience and safety of the transport route have been improved.

  • LEDioc ROAD S, attached to the side of the column.


Installation date

March, 2021

Located in the Nishi Ward of Hiroshima city, the waterfront Hiroshima West airfield site has the bay of Hiroshima to its south and the Ootagawa flood bypass to its west, with a variety of leisure amenities such as sporting facilities, a shopping mall, and the Kanon Marina also in its vicinity. Working to turning the former airfield site into a usable area, the "Hiroshima West Airfield Site Usage Plan" was formulated at prefectural and city level, with both public and private sectors combining to progress a sequential scheme of development and maintenance works.

As part of the development, the city carried out road improvement works along the General prefectural road Minami-Kanon Kanon Route, which serves as a core access route to the project area and is also as an important route for those wishing to access the existing shopping mall and marina. Spanning a distance of approximately 800m, the section where the works took place saw the widening of the road configuration from one lane in each direction plus pedestrian walkways to two lanes in each direction, as well as improvements to the crank section to provide a more gentle curve; together with the installation of new walkways and cycle paths the safety and convenience of the route has been greatly improved. In order to ensure ample light levels across the road, cycle path and walkway, the LED street luminaire LEDioc ROAD has been mounted on double arm lighting columns at a height of 12m, providing light designed to meet the required levels of illumination and uniformity. With a continual line of lighting running along the central reservation there is no longer a need for luminaires to be installed along the walkway, resulting in a tidier overall appearance. Furthermore the number of columns required could be reduced thanks to one column now being able to cover the lighting needs of both sides of the road, and this has also allowed wiring channels to be made more compact.

Offering both energy savings and comfortable light levels, LED light is securely illuminating the core route of this new urban development area.


  • LEDioc ROAD

    side-entry mounting on double arm lighting column; 12m pole height, 2 units per column - 22

    pole top mounting; 12m pole height - 2

    "Parent & Child" style column; road lighting x 2 / pedestrian lighting x 2; 10m pole height - 2

  • LEDioc ROAD S (Shared column mounting)

    road lighting - 2

    pedestrian lighting - 2