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Aoshima Fishing Port CoastMiyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture

Illuminating the promenade of a popular tourist spot on the Nichinan Coast, with the comforting glow of LED lights

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  • LED
  • Nighttime scenery of the coastal promenade. With consideration given to safety at night, an average illuminance level of 5ℓx at a uniformity of over 0.2 is maintained.

  • The lights which illuminate the coastal promenade are the twin-headed LED pole light LEDioc AREA TOLICA-L. By upgrading to LED lighting from the existing high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps, energy savings are achieved without compromising light levels, creating a pleasantly and reassuringly lit environment at night.

  • Evening view over Aoshima Island, on the open sea. Benches have been installed to allow for the scenery to be enjoyed at leisure, and the promenade is gently illuminated by the very warm white light of LEDioc AREA TOLICA-L.

  • The soft light of the LED approach light LEDioc APPROACH QUALLIS type-G provides supplementary brightness at ground level.


Installation date

January, 2021

Situated near Aoshima Island, Aoshima Fishing Port finds itself on a site which is seen to symbolize the picturesque Nichinan Kaigan Quasi-National Park. With a circumference of only 1.5km and surrounded by layered, wavy rock formations colloquially referred to as "Demons' Washboards", the small island is home to the historical Aoshima Shrine. A highly popular tourist area offering wonderful views and facilities such as the Aoshima Aquarium, a children's theme park, and a hotel in the vicinity, visitors and residents alike visit day and night to enjoy a stroll along the coastal promenade.

For the lighting improvement works of the promenade of the Aoshima Fishing Port area (District of North Aoshima), lighting fixtures were assessed on the principles outlined under the "Beautiful Miyazaki Promotion Regulations" devised by Miyazaki Prefecture; the LEDioc AREA TOLICA-L was selected, thanks to an emphasis on uniformity and a simple, understated design that would not interfere with the scenic beauty of the daytime view.

Incorporating a shade attachment and a protective guard with a nod to traditional Japanese design, the very warm light color temperature of the chosen model helps to create an ambiance of softness and calm, shining gently upon those enjoying the promenade.


  • LEDioc AREA TOLICA-L - 30

  • LEDioc APPROACH QUALLIS type-G - 27

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