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Iwaki Optical Yokohama Landmark Plaza StoreYokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture

LED light gently illuminates an eyewear specialty store unified with soft colors and imbuing warmth in a sense of luxury

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  • LED
  • Incandescent LEDioc LED Universal Downlights attractively illuminate the merchandise, ensuring a set brightness of 1000ℓx.


Installation date

April, 2019

Iwaki is a long-established eyewear specialty store found mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area and with a history of over 85 years since its founding. In April 2019, its store at Yokohama Landmark Plaza re-opened after renovations.

After a review of the store fittings, carpet and panel materials, the renovation involved a new set of store fittings made of natural wood, and textures in natural shades of color, such as a pink-tinged brown for the carpets, used effectively to create a warm and cozy space. This was done in order to create a high-quality and attractive store - somewhere worthy of visits from a wide-ranging clientele including tourists, residents living in high-rise housing in Minato Mirai, and others living in neighboring areas. Taking advantage of the sense of luxury provided by the existing marble and its distinctive pink-orange color, slim, green PVC sheeting has been attached to the walls under the ceiling to add color contrast, while the merchandise display shelves have been given white backgrounds to clearly showcase the products that combine fashion-sense with functionality. In addition, in order to make more efficient and effective use of the limited store space, a customer-service desk made of natural materials has been arranged in the center of the oblong-shaped store, with new display shelves installed on both the left and right, and by arranging the fittings to wrap around the sections under the existing mirrors and creating stages, the product space was able to be expanded.

For the lighting to illuminate this relaxing store of natural taste, base lights were avoided on purpose, with the store fittings instead illuminated with LED Universal Downlights equivalent to JR12V50W - HID35W to ensure an overall brightness while also making the products stand out. The ceiling is not very high, so we appreciate the compact design that minimizes the presence of the light fixtures, and also the fact that that they have a high degree of freedom in terms of the angle of their shine and can flexibly respond to any changes in the layout of the store space. The color temperature has been selected to be essentially incandescent (3000K) to create a soft atmosphere, and the upper part of the customer-service desk is white (4000K), affording a clearer view of the color shades of the products. Since the renovation, I am very pleased that many customers have come to the store thanks to its increased attractiveness.


  • LEDioc LED Universal Downlight

    Class 120(Incandescent Type) - 96

    Class 120(White Type) - 6

    Class 200-150(Incandescent Type) - 2

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