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Iwaki Optical Tama Plaza Tokyu StoreYokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture

A natural and calm store space is illuminated with LED lighting to create a high-quality light environment

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  • LED
  • The interior of the store uses natural-wood displays and fixtures to produce an atmosphere overflowing in luxury, and is illuminated using LED Universal Downlights to attractively showcase its products.


Installation date

June, 2018

The Tama Plaza Tokyu Store of Iwaki Optical, a specialty store for glasses and contact lenses, underwent refurbishment and re-opened at the end of June in 2018.

The aim of the refurbishment was to create an attractive store befitting a town inhabited by people who enjoy a high-quality lifestyle, and a natural and calm store interior with a feeling of warmth in a refined atmosphere was created using a new arrangement of genuine, natural-wood displays and fixtures and brown carpet tones. In addition, with the renovation of pedestrian deck due to the new large-scale condominium being built in the neighborhood, the glass walls at the back of the store facing the pedestrian deck, which until now had been hidden behind displays and fixtures, have been opened up and used to maximum effect, creating a sense of depth by incorporating external light during the day and highlighting fixtures illuminated by the lighting after sunset, making for a space that catches the attention of passers-by.

For the store lighting, all ceiling and indirect lighting uses LEDs, and due to the store being a renovated one, the location distribution plan for the lights is one that takes advantage of the existing openings so as to avoid any ceiling-work as much as possible. Base lighting (downlights) has intentionally not been installed, and an overall feeling of brightness has been maintained while still highlighting the products through the use of LED Universal Downlights, which are the equivalent of from JR12V50W to HID35W. The color temperature is set at essentially incandescent (3000K) for a feeling of warmth in the space, while consideration was given to more vivid representation of the hues of the products by using only white (4000K) above the service counter. The Tama Plaza Tokyu Store is conveniently located near the second-floor connection to the station, and is comfortably lit with LED light to create a high-quality lighting environment.


  • LEDioc LED Universal Downlight

    Class 120(Incandescent) - 76

    Class 120(White) - 9

    Class 400-350(Incandescent) - 10

    Class 200-150(Incandescent) - 10

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