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Form-i NEWoMan YOKOHAMA StoreYokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Creating a good light environment with a detailed lighting plan befitting a high-quality retail space

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  • LED
  • The lighting illuminating the open-plan store is designed to attract customers and promote sales, and its sharp, crisp light enhances the highlighting effect.


Installation date

June, 2020

In June 2020, the NEWoMan YOKOHAMA shopping complex occupying floors 1-10 of the JR Yokohama Tower, which is directly connected to the west exit of JR Yokohama Station, opened for business. In addition to fashion offerings, the lineup includes a wide range of stores, including cosmetics, service, general merchandise and luxury stores.

Form-i, which opened in a prime location near the escalators on the seventh floor, is a new store from Form-i, Inc., which operates a nation-wide network of fashion alteration stores. Form-i offers special techniques utilizing their network and based on their knowledge and experience from half a century in the business, including clothing size adjustments, quick-finishing for those in a hurry, remakes, bag repairs, and custom dress pattern orders using kimono fabrics. Given the fact that the port can be seen from the store's interior, which is 58.48m² in size, and taking into account its Yokohama location, the store design was one based on the image of a chocolatier in a port town. Along with a color scheme that effectively uses blue for emphasis, antique wood-grain and crepe-like layered tiles have been used to create an authentic, high-quality retail space.

For the lighting, being mindful of lighting effects that would attract customers and drive sales, we employed a technique that enhances the highlighting effect with sharp, crisp light. Due to its location in a shopping complex that targets women, we kept kindness and warmth in mind, and used incandescent LEDioc LED Universal Downlight lights for the remake space (counter and retail space). The warm light makes for a calm atmosphere, creating a space where one can relax and enjoy a moment of elegance. Meanwhile, in the workshop, where the aisle-side wall is made of glass to allow the display of unique Form-i techniques, white LEDioc LED downlights and LED line units have been used because the work is often delicate and detailed in nature and requires appropriate lighting and a good visual environment. This faithfully reproduces colors while reducing unpleasant glare, creating a fresh and clean effect. We believe our selection of the right lighting fixtures for each location has enabled us to create a pleasing light environment appropriate for a store with advanced technical prowess and an insatiable commitment to quality.


  • LEDioc LED Downlight

    Class550 (White type) - 9

    Class550 (Incandescent type) - 3

  • LEDioc LED Universal Downlight COB type

    Class200-150 (Incandescent type) - 12

    Class120 (Incandescent type) - 9

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