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High power floodlight



  • Ideal for indoor / outdoor sport facility lighting such as stadium, baseball, football field
  • Combination of a reflector and refractor allows for three types of distribution pattern : medium, wide, and super wide
  • Utilizes highly efficient / high-powered COB-type LED package
  • CE compliant

LEDioc FL400 / FL200

LEDioc FL400 / FL200
  • Proprietary light distribution control technology allows for outstanding light concentration
  • Reflector & globe finish allows for 3 types of intensity distribution:narrow, medium, and wide beams
  • 400W(FL400)/200W(FL200) LEDs capable of delivering brightness equivalent to 1000W/400W metal halide lamps respectively
  • Lumen maintenance factor of 85% up to 40 000 hours at 35℃


  • Highly efficient : up to 116 lm/W
  • Narrow, Medium, and Wide beam
  • Long life : 60,000 hours (L70)
  • Using High Quality LED COB Package
  • CE pending


HID High Power Circular Floodlight

HID High Power Circular Floodlight

HID High Power Circular Floodlight is a floodlighting fixture with stunning beam efficiency, supporting energy saving and preventing light pollution. Acrostar is an environmentally friendly lighting fixture.

HID High Power Rectangular Floodlight

Acrospace™ High efficiency unobtrusive floodlightHID High Power Rectangular Floodlight

The high-performance floodlight for small to medium size sports fields where the control of light spill is critical. This compact and light weight floodlight produces a well-controlled beam efficiently and accurately. Long life and high performance Iwasaki 1000W or 1500W single-ended metal halide lamp can be used.

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