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Hokkaido Sugar Co., Ltd., Honbetsu Sugar FactoryHonbetsu Town, Nakagawa District, Hokkaido

The Introduction of UV Sterilization Equipment for Flowing Water in a Sugar Factory Dedicated to the Pursuit of Quality and Safety

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  • Producing high quality granulated sugar equipped with the latest facilities.


Hokkaido Sugar Co., Ltd. has three sugar factories in Hokkaido, ensuring a stable supply of good quality domestic sugar. Hokkaido Sugar Co., Ltd.'s beet sugar, as the name indicates, uses 100% beets grown in Hokkaido's expansive serene environment, and is a very pure and natural food product. One of the sugar factories, the Honbetsu Sugar Factory, uses the latest facilities to produce high quality granulated sugar. The abundantly sun-bathed beet is harvested in the fall and is quickly turned into fine sugar using a highly technological system. The first process is a stage of purifying the sugar solution using ion exchange resin. Iwasaki's UV Sterilization Equipment for Flowing Water was introduced in the next sterilization phase to desalinate the sugar solution. This equipment sterilizes heat-resistant bacteria/mesophilic bacteria, reinforcing the control process against bacteria, achieving a thorough and comprehensive quality control. After condensation of the UV-sterilized sugar solution, to doubly ensure sterilization, the sugar solution is further heat sterilized for 120 seconds at 123 degrees Celsius. The manufactured sugar is mainly used for commercial applications by organisations such as soft drink and confectionery manufacturers. In order to meet their expectations with regard to strict hygiene control practices, a comprehensive system is in place to ensure the quality control of the product. The factory produces about 500 tons of sugar per day in the period from October, when the harvest of beet begins, up to next March.


  • Sugar Solution Sterilization Equipment - 2 sets

  • Tank Sterilization Equipment - 3 sets

  • Crystallization Canister Replenishment Water Sterilization Equipment - 1set

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