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Rakutenchi Futsal Court KinshichoSumida Ward, Tokyo

Lighting the futsal courts on top of a station-connected building with power-saving LED light to create an environment for the comfortable enjoyment of futsal at night

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  • A nighttime view of the futsal court, which is appealing in part due to its location on the roof of a building next to a station. The visual environment that has been created allows for the comfortable enjoyment of futsal at night while also keeping light-bleed into the surrounding area in check.


Installation date

March, 2018

Rakutenchi Futsal Court Kinshicho is a futsal court on the 8th floor (rooftop) of the Rakutenchi Building, which boasts excellent access by way of its location next to JR Kinshicho Station and direct connection to Tokyo Metro's Hanzomon Line. It has 3 short-pile artificial-turf futsal courts: two 32m×18m courts (green and blue), and one 20m×11m quattro court. It is also fully equipped with male and female changing rooms, shower units and toilets, and is open weekdays from 12 PM until 11 PM and on weekends and holidays from 9 AM until 11 PM. Rakutenchi Futsal Court Kinshicho underwent work for remodeling of its facilities, and in April 2018 held its renewal opening. The renovation work included resurfacing of the artificial turf, refurbishing of the reception and changing rooms, and the installation of a wood deck, and in conjunction with this, the night-game lighting was changed to LED. In place of the previous 22 units of 1000W metal halide lamps, the same number of 250W LEDioc TENNISTER lights were installed, achieving large-scale reductions in power consumption while ensuring a brightness equivalent to or greater than that from the previous lighting and creating a comfortable lighting environment. Compared to the previous lighting fixtures, the LEDioc TENNISTER lights have a compact and stylish design including an internal power unit, so the courts now seem more spacious. The facility is used by a wide variety of age groups, and with operating hours being until 11 PM, the consensus is that the upgrade to LED lighting has enabled the creation of an environment for the bright and safer enjoyment of tennis at night. Feedback from customers has also been positive since the reopening, with mention being made of how it has become brighter and easier to see balls.


  • LEDioc TENNISTER 250W type - 22

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