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AEON MALL SEN SOK CITYPhnom Penh, Cambodia

The largest of Aeon's shopping malls in Southeast Asia is lit comfortably with environmentally friendly LED lighting

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  • A bird's-eye view of the facility, which boasts a vast site area of around 100000m². The AEON MALL logo is lit up by EYELITE LED floodlights. The lighting for the parking lot, exterior, and plants is LED lighting, making for an eco-friendly lighting.


Installation date

May, 2018

AEON MALL SEN SOK City is Aeon's second shopping mall in the Kingdom of Cambodia, and opened on May 30, 2018 in the north of the capital of Phnom Penh. Under the mall's concept of providing "More surprises, more joy, and more excitement" to the Cambodian people, the lush green environment of the roughly 100000m² site includes, in addition to specialty shops and restaurants, a cinema, and the the core Aeon SEN SOK City store, the largest amusement complex in Cambodia, a financial zone, and an attractive event space, offering a new kind of lifestyle.

The mall employs the first megawatt solar power generation and high-efficiency air-conditioning systems used in a commercial facility in Cambodia, and one of its features is its provision of an environmentally friendly and comfortable indoor environment, and all-LED fixtures have been used for the lighting, including that for the indoor common areas, the outdoor lighting, and even the outdoor signs. In addition to its EYELITE lineup of products for overseas markets, Iwasaki Electric used products with excellent design from L&E, a partner company in overseas markets, to make lighting design proposals for mainly the exterior lighting, parking-lot lighting, plant lighting, facade lighting, and high ceiling lighting, from which around 11 products were selected. The largest shopping mall in Cambodia is comfortably lit with environmentally friendly, high-quality light that contributes to reductions in power consumption.


  • L&E LED POST TOP - 54

  • L&E LED BOLLARD - 42




    120W - 47

    240W - 22

    360W - 6

    450W - 14

  • EYELITE LED Water-Proof - 332

  • EYELITE LED High-bay - 72

  • LEDioc HIGH-BAY θ - 14

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