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Isojiman Co., Ltd.Osaka City, Osaka

An illumination to publicize and share alert criteria for the novel coronavirus

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  • LED
  • The lights on when the alert level is yellow, urging vigilance.


Installation date

August, 2020

Isojiman Co., Ltd. is a food manufacturer that has been manufacturing and selling Nori Tsukudani and other bottled products since its establishment in 1926. Our goal is to provide "surprises" while preserving the traditions that have been handed down over more than 90 years of history, and our principles are AAOO (the first letters of Anshin, Anzen, Oishii, Odoroki, which are Japanese words meaning peace-of-mind, safety, great flavor, and surprises).

From the middle of September 2020, we started lighting up the Isojiman Nori Tsukudani product statue located on the roof of our headquarters building. These illuminations had taken place with the objective of publicizing the alert level for the novel coronavirus based on the Osaka Prefectural standards and using three colors (red, yellow, and green), and the plan was developed to let people in the local community know what the infection situation was. Compact, full-color LEDioc FLOOD NEO FULL-COLOR LED floodlights have been used as the lighting fixtures illuminating the statue, with the time and color being set in advance via a DALI* ITACS-DS COLOR full-color controller.

At the moment, a timer sets the lights to shine a yellow color - the alert level urging vigilance - from sunset to sunrise, but in the future, we hope to be able to have the lights lit according to the seasons or events by taking advantage of the controller installed in the lighting control panel and its easy dimming and color- change features.

* DALI is an acronym for "Digital Addressable Lighting Interface," which is an international communications standard for specialized facility-lighting control.


  • DALI-compatible LEDioc FLOOD NEO FULL-COLOR 80 Class - 1


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