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Sunshine Aquarium's New Jellyfish Area "Immersive Space of Jellyfish"Toshima Ward, Tokyo

Light illuminating a new soothing space where you can experience an overwhelming sense of immersion

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  • LED
  • The Jellyfish Panorama, a huge 14m wide water tank with gently drifting jellyfish that fill your entire field of vision and characterized by its large arc shape that gives you an immersive experience as if you are surrounded by the jellyfish.


Installation date

July, 2020

Located about 40m above the ground on the rooftop of the Sunshine City building complex in Tokyo's Ikebukuro area, the Sunshine Aquarium is an urban high-rise aquarium based on the concept of an "oasis in the sky". In addition to the indoor area with its remarkably eye-catching "Sunshine Lagoon", a large water tank with a capacity of around 240t, there is also a variety of outdoor areas featuring highly original exhibits that are popular with young and old alike, such as the "Penguins in the Sky" exhibit, which makes the penguins look as if they are flying through the city sky, and the "Sunshine Aqua Ring", a transparent donut-shaped tank where visitors can watch sea lions swimming from below.

In July 2020, the Sunshine Aquarium opened a new jellyfish area, the "Immersive Space of Jellyfish" as the third phase of a major refurbishment. In addition to installing two new tanks - the "Jellyfish Panorama", one of the largest tanks in Japan with a width of 14 meters, and the "Jellyfish Screen", which displays elegantly drifting sea nettles - the existing jellyfish exhibit area has been renovated to create a new exhibit area with six tanks that will allow visitors to get even more of a feel for the appeal of jellyfish through a detailed presentation that encompasses the entire space, including the shape of the tanks, water flow, lighting, and sound. The Jellyfish Panorama, which has a large arc shape that fills one's entire field of vision with jellyfish and allows visitors to experience the immersive feeling of being surrounded by them in the ocean, and the Jellyfish Screen, which allows visitors to enjoy the magical floating sensation of jellyfish, are both illuminated using LEDioc FLOOD FULL-COLOR LED full-color floodlights to create a mysterious and translucent space. A sense of lateral depth has been given to the tanks, which are actually about 1 meter front to back, and in order to create the natural feeling of being under the sea, attention was paid to make sure that the light does not shine on the walls at the back of the tanks, while the brightness was finely adjusted to create spaces that look like the dark depths of the ocean. Since the water tanks were to be installed in an existing building, it was necessary to make precise adjustments to create a uniform light environment given limitations including the relationship between the location of the light fixtures and the beams, so we proceeded with the plan through a process of trial-and-error, adjusting the angles for each fixture individually and their output in 5% increments. To prevent the light sources from directly being visible, all the installed fixtures are equipped with barndoors to illuminate only areas at the front of tanks. In addition, our use of white lighting to allow visitors to experience the true colors of the jellyfish could be described as the kind of attention to detail only Sunshine Aquarium provides. We also appreciate how easy the LEDioc FLOOD FULL-COLOR lights are to use. They can freely express a variety of light colors and, for example, can easily dye the atmosphere pink for nighttime events.

Creative ideas such as valves installed in 40 locations to regulate the flow of water so that the approximately 1500 jellyfish in the Jellyfish Panorama exhibit can drift evenly, and mirrored surfaces used effectively to 'spread' jellyfish across the entire field of vision have made the Immersive Space of Jellyfish complete, creating a soothing space where you can enjoy an overwhelming sense of immersion and floating. We hope that many people will be able to experience the appeal of jellyfish as they invite viewers into their extraordinary world.



    80W type - 11

    40W type - 5

  • Bandoors with Spread lens - 16

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