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Sendannokibashi BridgeOsaka City, Osaka

A bridge illuminated with light harmonizing with the surrounding environment to effectively create some charming night-time scenery for the Aqua Metropolis of Osaka

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  • LED
  • Every hour on the hour and also 30 minutes later, shades of color flow slowly from the south side of the bridge to the north in seasonal lighting patterns.


Installation date

March, 2017(Lighting Date:April 3)

Osaka City is aiming at the implementation of a plan called "Aqua Metropolis Osaka - Making a City of Water and Light", and to that end the government and private sector have joined forces to engage in a variety of initiatives. As part of an initiative promoting the creation of effective light scenery that leverages existing assets, work was completed in spring of this year for the illumination of the Sendannokibashi Bridge spanning the Tosaborigawa River. The area around Sendannokibashi Bridge has adjoining buildings with traditional appearances, it is also close to the office district of Umeda.Furthermore, as it is an area with initiatives underway aimed at the attraction of customers, such as the soon-to-be new tourist spot of "Kitahama Terrace", which is lined with eating and drinking establishments in the nearby Kitahama area, Osaka City is aiming for even more people by increasing the appeal of the district's waterfront areas through the Sendannokibashi illumination. The Sendannokibashi illumination focuses on the relationship between Osaka City Central Public Hall, which is indispensable to the scenery at Nakanoshima, and Sankyubashisuji Street, which features a historical townscape lined with gas lamps, using an incandescent-color light for a retro-modern effect that harmonizes with the surrounding area. LED balustrade lighting has been used for the handrail sections, while low position LED lighting lights the road. Both ensure brightness for the roads or paths without their light sources being visible. Furthermore, full-color LED line lighting fixtures have been arranged on the bridge girders, and provide lighting effects in slowly flowing shades of color in colorful lighting patterns that are set according to seasons, events, or times. LEDioc LED EYE LAMP and LEDioc FLOOD NINO lights have also been installed on the bridge pontoons, making the contours of the entire bridge stand out and creating rich nighttime scenery in which light is effectively projected upon the Tosaborigawa River when seen from afar. Furthermore, in keeping with the notion of making use of the existing fixtures, which are a major factor in the retro-modern feel, the existing pole-lights and approach lights have been used, with only their light sources changed to LEDioc LED Light Bulb G light sources, which give consideration to being eye-catching while also suppressing glare with low wattage.


  • LEDioc LED Light Bulb G

    22W - 18

    12W - 8


  • LED LOW POSITION Lighting fixture - 42

  • FULL COLOR LED Line Lighting fixture - 112

  • LEDioc LED EYE LAMP 14W - 38

  • LEDioc FLOOD NINO - 6

  • LEDioc FLOOD NEO Vivid 80W - 2

  • LEDioc Moisture proof Line unit - 2

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