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Kotoge TunnelMiyako Town, Iwate Prefecture

Installation of emergency warning equipment in tunnels on reconstruction assistance roads that are being established with the objective of constructing a network of roads that are highly reliable in times of disaster

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  • An LED warning display board has been installed in front of the tunnel entrance.


Installation date

December, 2016

In Iwate Prefecture, work establishing the Sanriku Reconstruction Road is being carried out based on the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Reconstruction Plan and with the objectives of securing the safety and peace of mind of the Sanriku coastal areas and constructing a network of roads that are highly reliable in times of disaster. The National Route 340 Tatsuimaru Toge section is positioned as "Reconstruction Assistance Road" work, and with its progress being a main focus of the prefecture, the Kotoge section (roughly 1.7km) was opened in December of 2016. The name for the Kotoge tunnel (temporary name) on the inner side (Miyako side) of the open section was decided to be Tatsuimaru No. 2 Tunnel, based on opinions from the cities of Tono and Miyako. The tunnel has a total length of 920m, and has been equipped with emergency warning equipment to provide it with disaster notification functionality, enabling a prompt and appropriate response in the unlikely event of an emergency.


  • Road tunnel emergency equipment(push-button type notification device, LED warning display board, equipment-side control board, emergency phone guidance board, refurbished reception regulator, etc.)

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