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Shunan City Central Fire Station Dispatch Display BoardsShunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

LED dispatch display boards deliver more effective notification of emergency dispatch of fire trucks, etc.

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  • LED
  • A daytime view of the fire station, where the display boards have been installed to notify ordinary vehicles in advance when a fire engine is to be dispatched in an emergency, and in doing so enable its prompt departure.


Installation date

November, 2019

At the central fire station in Shunan City, located in the southeastern part of Yamaguchi Prefecture, dispatch display boards for ensuring the safety of pedestrians and vehicles whenever fire engines are dispatched have operated ever since their installation in 1982. In 2019, 37 years after their installation, they were upgraded to display boards that use high-visibility LEDs.

During the upgrade, safety was ensured with respect to the strength of the pole supporting the display boards, with the design wind speed investigated after taking into account their height above ground and their installation environment. In terms of functionality, functions such as lettering and sounds for the display board were investigated with a focus is on what was most effective at getting passing vehicles and pedestrians to notice quickly when an emergency vehicle cuts across the road. As a result, although the previous display panels used electronic sounds such as sirens when fire engines or ambulances were dispatched, the decision was made to unify these using an easy-to-understand voice message.

With respect to the display lettering, highly visible LEDs were used because the previous light sources were difficult to see in situations such as when lit from behind with the sun in the west, and by making the display switch between two terms: "Emergency Vehicle" and "Dispatch", the design allows road users to be notified of the dispatch of vehicles more quickly and effectively, which in turn enables their prompt departure.


  • LED dispatch display boards - 3

  • Operation panel - 1

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