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Chubu Odan Expressway Sakuho InterchangeSakuho Town, Minamisaku District, Nagano Prefecture

LED lighting for new roads contributing to improved access in the greater Saku area

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  • A nighttime view of the area near Sakuho IC. Power-saving LEDioc ROAD LED roadlights ensure sufficient brightness and comfortably light the new road.


Installation date

April, 2018

The Chubu Odan Expressway is a high-speed national highway approximately 132km in length running from its starting point in Shizuoka City in Shizuoka Prefecture, through Kai City in Yamanashi Prefecture, to Komoro City in Nagano Prefecture. Currently, a phased construction project is underway, and the 14.6km stretch between the Yachiho Kogen IC and Saku Minami IC was opened in April 2018, along with the Sakuho IC, the Saku Usuda IC and the 800m Saku Usuda Tunnel on the same interval.

Together with the stretch of about 7.8km between Saku Komoro JCT on the Joshin-Etsu Expressway and Saku-Minami IC on the Chubu Odan Expressway that was opened in March 2011, this means a stretch of road approximately 22.4km is now open. Running parallel to National Route 141, which experiences a lot of traffic congestion in the holiday season, it connects the Saku-Karuizawa area and the Kitayatsugatake-Yachiho Kogen area in a network, contributing to the improvement of access to the unique charms of each municipality in the greater Saku area.

LED lighting was selected as the lighting equipment for the opened section of road, as it contributes to significant power savings while ensuring the brightness required for both the ICs and tunnel. For the LEDioc TUNNEL LED tunnel lighting installed in the tunnel, the basic lighting is 50% or 25% dimmable, while the entranceway lighting is 75%, 50% or 25% dimmable, which provides appropriate brightness depending on the surrounding weather conditions.


  • (the total of the fixtures between Yachiho Kogen IC and Saku Minami IC)

    LEDioc ROAD - 60

  • LEDioc TUNNEL - 248

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