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Sakura BridgeTaito Ward. Sumida Ward, Tokyo

Lighting the Sumida River's only pedestrian bridge in stunning LED light for a night time view that brings out the bridge's best

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  • A night-time view of Sakura Bridge, a popular spot to enjoy the view that includes Tokyo Sky Tree in the distance. Everything, including the bridge's monument, is illuminated with power-saving LED light.


Installation date

March, 2013

Sakura Bridge is the Sumida River's only pedestrian bridge and is distinct in that its roughly 170m of length is in the shape of an "X".It was completed in 1985 as part of a joint effort between the sister wards of Taito Ward and Sumida Ward.The Bridge joins a pathway connecting Sumida Park on both banks of the river.In planning for a renovation of the lighting on the Bridge, the desired emphasis was to bring out the best in the bridge's distinct features while still giving consideration to power savings as well as the scenery.For the handrail lighting the existing internal fluorescent light fittings were replaced with twin-row LED line lighting.The requirement of ensuring the safety of pedestrians while also giving consideration to the night-time view was achieved.In fact, easy switching between full and half lighting is now possible.LED line lighting was also installed on the column flanks to assist the bridge's impressive and graceful profile.For the lights on top of the bridge, the existing fluorescent lamps were replaced with small LED spotlights which provide accent lighting for a top-down gradational lighting effect.Both of these new lighting features are part of a lighting plan that takes account of both the foreground view and the bird's-eye view as seen from Tokyo Sky Tree.The key objective was to create some pleasant night-time scenery in the city by effectively highlighting the bridge's "X" shape in a warm, incandescent-color LED light.


  • Handrail LED line lighting - 175

  • Column-flank LED line lighting - 247

  • LEDioc FL90

  • LED spotlight

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