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Kintetsu Osaka Line Kintetsu-Yao StationYao City, Osaka

Station platform lighting is changed to LED to create a bright and safe visual environment while aiming for power savings

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  • LED
  • The facing platforms over the two tracks are lit with LEDioc FLOOD NEO lights, achieving power savings while increasing safety at night.


Installation date

March, 2018

Located in Yao City, Osaka Prefecture, Kintetsu-Yao Station is an elevated station with two side platforms facing each other across two tracks on the Kintetsu Osaka Line.

Kintetsu Railway Co., Ltd., is proceeding with a sequential changeover to LED for its station platform lighting, and the change to LED lighting also took place at Kintetsu Yao Station, with LEDioc FLOOD NEO LED floodlights installed in place of the existing 3 couplings of twin-light 40W fluorescent lamps. The station has a high roof, so the lighting fixtures to date had been hung from it, but the changeover this time saw the first attempt at the introduction of floodlight-type LEDs installed directly into the roof. The lights have been installed to match the slope of the line, with high-watt type lights installed on the track side, and low-watt type lights installed behind them. The number of units as compared to the previous lighting was reduced to around 60% while ensuring a brightness equivalent to the existing design brightness of 180 lux, enabling significant power savings to be achieved.

Furthermore, with the compact, floodlight-type LED lighting being directly installed, the station platforms now have a clean feel to them. The ultrawide-angle type lights uniformly light the platforms in their entirety, achieving the creation of a safer and more comfortable visual environment.



    40 Class - 33

    70 Class - 46

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